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Saturday, September 11

the families on raya celebration

yesterday was raya,right. so, all the families have come to my house to celebrate the raya (:

some of the photos dat i took as a memories on the first raya in 2010.

figure 1 :the ibu dan the ayah

figure 2:the parents and the siblings. (abang and kakak tuty absent on 1st raya)
kakak tuty was working and abang was raya in teluk intan (:

figure 3:the whole families of ibu's

figure 4:the few of cousins

figure 5:the pak usu's family and mine

figure 5: the ciknah and her husband and ibu ayah and me (:

figure 6: the atuk and wan bibik's house

figure 8:the pakngah sahar's house

شلآمت هاري راي عيدالفطري
.معافظاهير دان باطين

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