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kenapa OlatOalOaa? it's tongue-twister kan. actually, it pronounce as O-la-to-A-lo-ya. got it? why olato. its a worm, an elongated soft-bodied invertebrate animal which i named this blog as it. and why aloaa(aloya), is about my fav nick(commonly my fam call me as this nick) wiiwiittt. kan. okayy? now. live ur life! C:
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Monday, June 4

exam just around the corner, naah! not around, but at the corner! -.-

June 4th until 23rd 2012 is an Exam period!
for semester 2 on my second year in Uni.

current situation.
while listening to nasyid and doing c++ coding.


'You can't reach your goals without taking some long shots' ♥

Sunday, May 27

Recipe : Blueberry Cheese Tart

siapa yang tak suka makan Blueberry Cheese Tart ni? cakap siapa? cakapppp!
okay. kalau siapa tak suka, tepi sikit please, 

tart ni favourite since matrix, sebab dulu ade kawan baik saya tu, mak die selalu buatkan die tart ni bila balik dari cuti *jealous mood on* 

OK, these are the recipe ^^,

pictures :

first attempt 

second attempt ^^,

boleh dapat around 60 cups of tarts! :))

Any inquiries, tweet me @aliaajay 

happy tryinggg!! 

 'You can't reach your goals without taking some long shots'  ♥

Friday, January 20

end the semester with friends and foods

hello eveyone,
just wanna share my activities after i end my semester 3! 

it was my last paper on 18th january 2012 actually.it's hydrosphere baby! i end the paper about 40 minutes early. haha. 

after fetch FK at 4th college and NZ at her home. we decided to go to sunway pyramid! we went there about 2.30pm after zuhr.

what activity in sunway pyramid that not tiring and boring except eating? huh?! 

there we go! we went to makan makan~

lunch! almost 4pm! fuhhh..lapo!
we decide to eat at ayam penyet! actually NZ's suggestion!
after eating the lunch, we went to cinnabon, yes, i'm first timer eater same as ayam penyet. it was my first time makan cinnabon. but ayam penyet pernah makan but all was ordered by my sister. so not so first time sangat lah.
cinnabon. quite lazat! but actually sangat! i love the original one! the choc also lazat! and for sure yg de kacang tu most lazat! butttt i'm not really like the bberry coz it's kinda sweet for me.anyway thankyou NZ for the treats.. 
so, the last of our activity was at tutti fruitti... actually i want j.co but unfortunately, the machine of the icecream yogurt in j.co not functioning. nak buat macamna? kene la tuka arah! as long the type of icecream is the same.. TF pun TF laaa.. hee thanx to FK coz balanja us here!! please please belanja us again! 

so that's all my activities after my last paper on semester 3 in university! have lotsoffun and blessed with those 2 friends! NZ and FK..

"friends are born, not made"-FK

much love 

1. NZ's suggestion
2. FK's suggestion
3. myself's suggestion

Wednesday, January 4

first post on 2012


count up 






6 hari sahaja lagi..

#justnakbagitahu : belum lagi mula exam saya dah start berfikir tentang aktiviti masa cuti panjang satu bulan. hehe.

mood : nak holiday.

ni first cake untuk 2012. ehem. sedap okek!
nak resipi?

Monday, December 5

Thursday, December 1

#BackToDecember or #HelloDecember?

salam Disember!!!
hello! hi! ^,^v

JOM pi TENGOK Ombak Rindu yang akan membadai pawagam seluruh negara dengan sederasnya esok !

  1. Math Method (ODE) Test 2 - 6th Dec
  2. Hydrosphere Test 2 - 7th Dec
  3. Calculus Test 2 - 8th Dec
  4. Motivation Course - 10th Dec
  5. Bowling Sukmum - 17th & 18th Dec
  6. Math Method (Numerical Part) - 22nd / 29th Dec

grr. banyak nye test!! hopefully can get the best marks on carry marks! 
so that can pass successfully on those subjects! hehe

final year just less than a month!!! Keep studying! 

'You can't reach your goals without taking some long shots'

Tuesday, November 29


First Bowling Tournament with Pros

Date : 28th November 2011.                    
Venue : Ampang Superbowl, Klang Parade.  
Tournament : 9-pin C graded Speacial 2011

the registration formmmm! 

sorry, poster tournament hilang, and I didn't capture any. SOBS

sebelum ni pernah masuk tournament bowling, tapi semua anjuran dari sekolah:

  •  perlawanan antara sekolah sekolah menengah,
  • dan juga antara sekolah peringkat zon, 
  • x pun paling tinggi pun daerah lah~  ==," 

kesemua lane di-reservekan untuk tournament X)

dulu stok stok kalau dapat atas 100 markah pun dah rasa hebat sangat! SERIOUS. 

tapi sejak dah meningkat dewasa, ingin tahu erti tournament sebenar, masuklah perlawanan yang terbuka, yang dianjurkan oleh bowling centre. 
dekat situ, boleh jumpe pro-pro yang hebat-hebat belaka.

kalau score tak lebih dari 180, rasa macam kecil je..
sebab semua nye hebakkkkkkk!!!

nak tahu hebat ke tak, tengok lah gambar ni...

rata-rata perserta yang masuk tournament ni, score die sume 'X' (strike) tak pun '/ ' (spare). 
yang perfect score pun ade! fuhhhh.... (lap peluh)

so overall, yang masuk tournament ni dalam 47 orang. range umur yang masuk dalam 16-55 tahun. tapi ramai yang boleh dikatakan, yang masuk ni banyak yang dah berpengalaman dalam tournament. so no wonder lah boleh score perfect! and banyak strike! (lap peluh lagi)

top 25 je yang akan menerima hadiah.

1st price - rm1000
2nd price - rm 500
3rd price -rm 300
4th price - rm 140
5th price -rm 80
6th-25th price - tak ingat~ =="

ni lah die result tournament.. 
yang no 1 tu lah yang dapat perfect score! silalah tgk average score die! tinggi kot! :)


santapan mata :

our own bowl balls 

Jason Belmonte ♥ 

'You can't reach your goals without taking some long shots' 

Tuesday, November 8

Good MorNight

it's a picture dat been flipped 180degrees to make you feel dizzy until you can sleep.


'You can't reach your goals without taking some long shots' 


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