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Friday, January 20

end the semester with friends and foods

hello eveyone,
just wanna share my activities after i end my semester 3! 

it was my last paper on 18th january 2012 actually.it's hydrosphere baby! i end the paper about 40 minutes early. haha. 

after fetch FK at 4th college and NZ at her home. we decided to go to sunway pyramid! we went there about 2.30pm after zuhr.

what activity in sunway pyramid that not tiring and boring except eating? huh?! 

there we go! we went to makan makan~

lunch! almost 4pm! fuhhh..lapo!
we decide to eat at ayam penyet! actually NZ's suggestion!
after eating the lunch, we went to cinnabon, yes, i'm first timer eater same as ayam penyet. it was my first time makan cinnabon. but ayam penyet pernah makan but all was ordered by my sister. so not so first time sangat lah.
cinnabon. quite lazat! but actually sangat! i love the original one! the choc also lazat! and for sure yg de kacang tu most lazat! butttt i'm not really like the bberry coz it's kinda sweet for me.anyway thankyou NZ for the treats.. 
so, the last of our activity was at tutti fruitti... actually i want j.co but unfortunately, the machine of the icecream yogurt in j.co not functioning. nak buat macamna? kene la tuka arah! as long the type of icecream is the same.. TF pun TF laaa.. hee thanx to FK coz balanja us here!! please please belanja us again! 

so that's all my activities after my last paper on semester 3 in university! have lotsoffun and blessed with those 2 friends! NZ and FK..

"friends are born, not made"-FK

much love 

1. NZ's suggestion
2. FK's suggestion
3. myself's suggestion

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