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kenapa OlatOalOaa? it's tongue-twister kan. actually, it pronounce as O-la-to-A-lo-ya. got it? why olato. its a worm, an elongated soft-bodied invertebrate animal which i named this blog as it. and why aloaa(aloya), is about my fav nick(commonly my fam call me as this nick) wiiwiittt. kan. okayy? now. live ur life! C:
life without a friend is death without a witness

Tuesday, November 8

Good MorNight

it's a picture dat been flipped 180degrees to make you feel dizzy until you can sleep.


'You can't reach your goals without taking some long shots' 


anaeeim said...

kalau kau ingat aku lagi. :)

Aliaa Jahaya said...

insyaAllah aku masih ingat lagi kau lah aizzat naeeim. err btol x spelling. haha kau mana menghilang ha?


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