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Monday, November 8

the conversation with little kid,darwisy

darwisy is about 3 years old. and i just try to test his IQ by arguing somethin.

darwisy : pe ni? pe ni? **sambil pegang 2 biji oren dan cakap ala ala pelat
me : bo la
darwisy : eh? bukan la, bu wah bu wahh ** muke pelik dan buat buat suare suruh org pecaye
me : bukan lahhhh. bolaaa. (:
darwisy : x laaa. bu wahh(aka buah)

few minutes later, $$$$$

darwisy was throwing the orange likes a ball and he saiddd; it is a ball.

me : wisy, ni apa?
darwisy : bulaa.
me : eh. buah la wisyyyy..
darwisy : bukannn. bolaa **sambil baling orange tu mcm bola.

haishhh. IQ yg tinggi betul! lepas sy test die, die test sy pulakk. biijak bijakk (:

p/s : now i know. his IQ are growing up and he know what is and what are. Alhamdulillah (:

his car collections ^^,

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sitihanisahali said...

ko aja ajaran sesat weh!


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