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Friday, January 28

Korean Cultural Performance by Inje University, Korea.


fortunately, our gangsa(lecturer) left us early!

so, we went to kk10 to watch Korean Cultural Performance before 
went back to faculty to attend 5-7pm lectures. 

our faces reaction before the performance starts. 

 these are some of the performance that they've done
by the exchange student.

i want nobody nobody BUT YOU!!

martial art - TAEKWANDO

the Korean traditional clothes presented by them.

its a great experience! so do go if you wanted to have an experience like this. 


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eclipsesweet said...

salam ziarah sambil follow..em..jemput2 laa dgt ke blog yerp.. :)

Aliaa Jahaya said...

thnx! i'll re-visit u soon!

qeen said...

ziarah sini! :) kite tag u kat sini ->

Aliaa Jahaya said...

thnx qeen..

Anonymous said...

suke gambar yang last tuh..
msti dorg comey2 en??
heee :D

Aliaa Jahaya said...

yup2. dorang memang sume comel comel. hehehe.


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