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Tuesday, August 31


last 2 days. my family and i went back to kampung in Banting. who is ibu's cousin house. his name is Fadhil, i call him abg fadhil. he got ladang for planting vegetables and he also sells kerepek pisang at the lowest price for this year. (introduction price).so, we went there for iftar and wanted to feel the environment when iftar in kampung. it was very interesting experience when you can see a baby year 1,fahmi who's abg Fadhil's youngest catch a hen slumberous without feel anything. other activities that we can do are we go behind the house and pluck some vegetables like pucuk ubi, chili then saw many ducks inside the kandang behind their house.
what we ate on iftar? landak, itik, sayur meranti, sayur pucuk ubi, ikan keli hutan, ikan bilik masak taucu, air kelapa fresh, and air limau fresh petik dr blakang rumah. all the dishes are un-well-known for me. means it's vary for me to eat bcoz ibu was not really often to cook these kind of dishes like landak and itik. last time, when i was at secondary school, i quite often ate landak at maklong's house in Johor. she cooks landak rendang and the taste was very delicious. but after sometimes. paklong was no longer hunting so, no landak. and now. after went back kampung at Banting, we meet the landak again. alhamdulillah, mmg rezeki. (:

these are some of the pictures that i took in kampung ;
the fahmi catches the hen
the itik masak kicap
the ikan keli hutan, bukan bela punya tau
the sayur meranti masak lemak
the landak masak tumis
the ikan bilis masak taucu
the kandang of itik
the chillies
the ibu plucking some pucuk ubi
the berries

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