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Wednesday, October 13


Entrepreneurship Day aka Hari Keusahawanan.

i am one of the 3G(Go Green Group) members.
and i also one of the suppliers of assorted flavors of muffin and coconut jelly.haha.
one of my lecture-mate dah panggil i "tauke" haha. **blushing
it was very busy since last week because my group mate and i need to settle up all the things yg nak buat for this business.
since i am one of the board director.
**cehh. mcm penting je keje aku (:
i am the "ketua publisiti. **angkat angkat kening
so, it's luarbiasa busy with poster and flyers,
dealing with suppliers and promotions. aha.
sangat2 tired ):
but i had fun do all this as i got experience in dealing with suppliers,
tampal2 posters until one of the PM cabut poster (dia x puas hati sebab poster kitorg lawa),
and i can see lots of perangai yg berbeza beza dalam kalangan member.
ade yg cooperate, ade yg macam bab,
dan ade yg sangat ok!
thnx for those yg cooperate with me and
know how the board directors situations are.

now, i want to seru all the UM students or ppls yg duk dekat2 ngan UM ni,
moh le datang ke UM sempena hari keusahawanan dan kunjungi gerai 3G dan beli barangan kami.
ni ha poster nye (:

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