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kenapa OlatOalOaa? it's tongue-twister kan. actually, it pronounce as O-la-to-A-lo-ya. got it? why olato. its a worm, an elongated soft-bodied invertebrate animal which i named this blog as it. and why aloaa(aloya), is about my fav nick(commonly my fam call me as this nick) wiiwiittt. kan. okayy? now. live ur life! C:
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Wednesday, December 1

hola December, c u soon November!

oh hi December!

just want to share my happiness on this first day of the month. haha.

I've gotten a FUNNY gift from my beloved mother, ibu!

what a funny gift, Aliaa? erm
 it's something  that i most rare to do on my own-self  but all peoples including a baby(maybe) done it everyday after taking a bath/shower or before they want to go out and chill with their friends! and the 'thing dat i've gotten' is everyone needed on their daily life. if not, its kinda looks messy for those who not wearing hijab. unless they are messy or their own style!


can u guess it?

guess it guess it guess itttt (:


have u guess it? erm what is it? (:

p/s: dah macam teka teki lah pulakkk n__n

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