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Tuesday, March 8

#SuperJunior -太完美 *Tài wánměi* (Mandarin version)

assalamualaikum and a very good eveningggg! *hyper*
as you can see on the 'tittle', it's about #superjunior. 

hei guys! super junior will do a concert on 19march 2011 in Malaysia! i repeat! Malaysia!
*if im not mistaken lahh kann*

date : 19 march 2011
venue : stadium bukit jalil
sponsored by #hitz.fm OR #fly.fm *can't remember*
if u wanna free ticket! check them out!

FYI, the cheapest ticket for SuJu concert is RM240! okayyy!
so why do we need to buy if there's a free ticket? :)
go follows the radio station lahhh!

so how's ur plan of that news? haha. news ke? (dah lama kot)

sorry shorreyyy.
i've been not update this blog at longer time. so shorreyyy shorreeyy (suju) :)

that's all.
actually i want to attached this very new SuJu's MV which is in mandarin version.
reason why im attched this video : i'm a mandarin learner. all about mandarin, i love to know. ewww 

enjoy watching yeah! :P

bye, zaijian!  

'You can't reach your goals without taking some long shots' 

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