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Sunday, May 27

Recipe : Blueberry Cheese Tart

siapa yang tak suka makan Blueberry Cheese Tart ni? cakap siapa? cakapppp!
okay. kalau siapa tak suka, tepi sikit please, 

tart ni favourite since matrix, sebab dulu ade kawan baik saya tu, mak die selalu buatkan die tart ni bila balik dari cuti *jealous mood on* 

OK, these are the recipe ^^,

pictures :

first attempt 

second attempt ^^,

boleh dapat around 60 cups of tarts! :))

Any inquiries, tweet me @aliaajay 

happy tryinggg!! 

 'You can't reach your goals without taking some long shots'  ♥

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nuargto said...


Blog awak menarik. Saya suka blog awak..

Jom kita tukar kink/banner.. Tq..


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